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Membership to the AWCF is available in two principal types.

Associate Member: This membership is automatic for all members of AWCF member schools. Associate members are provided access to AWCF sponsored events, the AWCF Facebook group and Member Forum.

Full Member: This form of membership is reserved for recognised instructors/coaches of Wing Chun. Membership is subject to the endorsement of other senior AWCF instructors/coaches and may require some form of evidence if direct endorsement is not available. Full Membership is subject to periodic renewal to ensure that recognised instructors partake in ongoing training and progression. Full Members will receive a membership certificate, instructor certificate and appropriate AWCF rank badge (if the member seeks a ranking under the AWCF grading progression).

Application Forms

Membership Application Form


Code of Conduct

Australian Wing Chun Federation Code of Conduct


Member Information

The following document is a summary of the AWCF ranking system. Instructors seeking guidance on how to implement this system within their school's training progression should contact a member of the AWCF committee.

AWCF introduction and grading guideline



The following images may be used by AWCF schools and members to link back to or advertise their connection to the AWCF.



White on black AWCF banner


AWCF banner red on white


AWCF banner black on white


AWCF circle emblem